Naked Man Gets Stuck In Washing Machine During Game Of Hide And Seek

Washing Machine

When hide and seek goes wrong, sometimes you can end up stuck in a washing machine naked.

This doesn’t sound like any game of hide and seek that I’ve ever been a part of, but I I haven’t played it since I was about seven years old and so am probably not aware of the ‘adult version’ of the game.

The unnamed man became stuck naked in the top loading washing machine in Mooroopna, Australia last weekend after he decided to surprise his girlfriend by jumping out at her from the washing machine stark naked. What a sweet surprise that would have been. Unfortunately it didn’t happen due to him getting stuck in the washing machine, and instead his girlfriend had to call the emergency services to help him get out.

They turned up and there was an uncomfortable 20 minute period for everyone involved where they struggled to get him out of the washing machine. Eventually, after using some olive oil as a lubricant (ewww) they managed to pop him out. Needless to say, the dude was really embarrassed and probably won’t be repeating the tale to anyone anytime soon.

Sergeant Michelle De Araugo – who was present as they tried to get him out of the washing machine – stated that ‘It was just a game gone wrong’. Deadpan.

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