Naked Man Arrested After Casually Showing Up To Airport And Lining Up To Buy Plane Ticket


A man who walked into Nashville International airport completely naked on Sunday was arrested for public indecency while casually queuing up to book his flight.

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The man, who has yet to be publicly identified, walked through the airport with no clothes on and didn’t seem to think he was doing anything out of the ordinary.

Naked Dude

A witness who shared the photos he took to Facebook wrote:

So this just happened at Nashville airport. I walked up to him and said “You’re amazing”. He replied, “Thanks”. Then they came for him. I was pretty impressed with Nashville. Aside, from a few people who’s jaws were dropped everyone else was doing their thing, going on business as usual.

Apparently the man had been seen walking naked outside the airport in the past, but this was the first time he had ventured inside the actual terminal.


I thought for sure reading a couple articles on this dude there would be a reason why he was walking around the airport naked. Was he protesting about something? Was he drunk? Is he some kind of “artist” making some kind of statement? Nope — dude just wanted to walk around the airport with his cock and balls hanging out. His butt-cheeks sagging in front of everyone’s faces. Are you supposed to need a reason to do that?

The funniest part is how airport security recognised him as the naked dude who loiters around outside the airport sometimes. Oh right, no biggie then. Nashville sure sounds like the place to be.

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