Man Who Appeared On ‘Naked Education’ Defends Children Seeing Naked Adults On The Show



Channel 4 like to do this thing where they pretend that trashy TV is scientific and/or empowering, and as such have caused a load of controversy with shows like Naked Attraction, My Massive Cxck, and their latest offering, Naked Education.

The show features ‘body positive’ adults taking their clothes off in front of children aged 14 – 16, while tackling body image issues such as penis size, hair, cosmetic surgery and ageing. It’s not really anything worse than what we saw on British TV in the 90s, but unsurprisingly, Ofcom have received over 1,000 complaints already.

A scene from Naked Education

Blackpool-based singer Liam Halewood, 36, appeared on Episode 2, which was all about male bodies and penis size. He says he decided to take part because ‘it’s nothing worse than what teens see online’.

The Boy George tribute act defended the show said children already have access to nude bodies because of their mobile phones anyway (via LadBible):

There’s nothing perverse about the show, in my opinion.

Any child with a mobile phone can pick it up and search and nudity is accessible to them already.

It’s nothing worse than what they see online – and that stuff isn’t consensual by the parents, whereas this is.

On social media, everything is filtered and edited and on this show, there is a real body.

He added:

If you don’t want to watch the show, there’s an off button. Have your opinion, but there’s no room for hate.

I think every show gets complaints. This show is just one of those shows that would always spark controversy.

But it was all above board – the children and their parents had consented and it is educational.

Liam Halewood will appear in an upcoming episode. Credit: SWNS

It’s nothing they couldn’t find on their phones on social media – it’s not new to them!

There’s nothing perverse about what we have done – the real meaning behind the show is positivity.

A lot of people complaining will have read headlines and not even watched the full show.

They need to open their minds and see it for what it is – it’s not just about nudity.

It’s a show about helping a generation.

People are all entitled to their own opinions, but please keep an open mind.

It’s a full show about helping a generation.

Each young person who appeared on the show gave consent, as did their parents. Halewood said his motivation was to help teens see ‘real bodies’:

My motivation was really simple, to show children not to look at social media and see perfection – because images are so filtered these days.

I’m so happy with how I look now. I want to relay that it’s ok to be yourself and be accepted for who you are.

Hale's episode will revolve around cosmetic surgery. Credit: SWNS

I feel confident in my body and I’m not an ‘Instagrammable’ person – it’s good to show people you can just be yourself.

I think the show will really help a child’s confidence growing up to know we’re all different shapes and sizes.

We all look and are born different, and what is the ‘perfect’ look anyway?

Well on the one hand, I guess it can be useful for teenagers to see what real bodies look like – warts and all. Especially when they’re battered 24/7 with unrealistic body expectations from other media. But at the same time, there is something dodgy about Channel 4 coming up with a show where grown men and women expose themselves to children and sell it as ‘education’ rather than an obvious ploy for controversy and ratings. I mean, come on, who are they kidding?

Could be worse though, I guess. They could be watching Love Island…



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