A Naked Coachella Man Tried To Steal A FedEx Truck But Didn’t Actually Know How To Drive

Do you need clothes or the ability to drive to steal a car?

Coachella is famous for its epic music festival, but now it is famous for something else as well: a naked car-jacking.

On Saturday evening, a poor unsuspecting FedEx driver was robbed of his delivery van after a crazed naked lunatic by the name of Albert Luna, 19, urged him to pull over and demanded the keys – he was bollock naked.

Local police confirmed that he was in his birthday suit:

Luna was not wearing any clothes at the time.

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Yes, that says it all. At this point, it’s unclear whether Luna had a gun, a Crocodile Dundee-style chopper or if he used his meat and two veg to threaten the FedEx man. Whatever he used, it must have been menacing, as the poor delivery man fled from the car and called the cops as soon as he could.

The best part is that after a naked (most likely sweaty) Luna accosted the delivery vehicle, a sudden realisation hit him: he doesn’t know how to drive. The naked thief then panicked and ran off into the Coachella night with his pecker dangling in the wind.

The police later caught up with Luna and charged him with one felony count of car-jacking; he is Riverside County Jail on a $60,000 bond.

Two things are still unclear: has Luna put on any clothes on since the incident and has he left any everlasting marks on the upholstery of the FedEx van?

Only time will tell.

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