Remember Tom From MySpace? Well He’s On Twitter Now And He’s Kind Of A Jerk

MySpace Tom

Everyone remembers MySpace Tom because he was everyone’s number one friend on Myspace back in the day. I don’t know where he’s been, but he’s back and he’s on twitter. And he’s kind of a jerk.

MySpace Tom

So remember back at the turn of the century when everyone had a MySpace account and your top friend was always that Tom dickhead and nobody knew why he was there or what he was doing and if you ever tried to message him or comment him he would just ignore you? Even if it was PC4PC? Well yeah, you probably figured out after a couple of weeks that he was the creator of MySpace and for some reason that meant he had to be friends with everyone. I never really got that because you don’t see Mark Zuckerberg being friends with everyone, but whatever I guess it worked for him. My friend Ike deleted him and thought he was really cool about doing it and I guess he was because I never had the guts to delete him. Then I guess he sold MySpace for a bunch of money and it really went down the shitter and didn’t even work properly and everyone gave up and moved over to Facebook. I heard MySpace is back now but I don’t have an invite and I already feel like I spend too much time social networking so I’m in no rush to get back on there anytime soon.

But I was pretty surprised today when I saw MySpace Tom was on twitter and he was being a bit of an asshole earlier when someone dared to tweet him. I guess it’s kinda annoying when people you don’t know tweet you about bullshit they don’t really know anything about it (It happens to me sometimes, why don’t you give it a go? @timw_brap) but there’s no real need to be a dick about it. This guy got totally shut down by Tom though, he got so rinsed that he was forced to delete his twitter account. LOL. I guess to be fair the guy kinda deserved it as he was being kind of an asshole but I just find it weird when celebrities (can you call Myspace Tom a celebrity? I suppose you can because everyone knows that stupid picture of him) get involved with fans on twitter and figure they should just leave it, but in this case it looks like Tom won. Well played I guess man, but I’m following you now so if you ever act like a jerk again it’s gonna be all over Sick Chirpse, so watch out (ignore the timestamps in these pictures, I took them at different times).

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