Myspace Is Back!


If you’re old enough to remember, Myspace used to be king of the social networks, that was until Facebook took over the show. Now Myspace is launching a return, but will it be any good?


If you’re old enough to remember, Myspace used to be king of the social networks. Way before Facebook and Twitter were the big dogs in social networking, Myspace was where you went to upload your photos, promote your band and of course, carefully choose what song to set as your profile backing track. When Facebook came along and started to blow up, Myspace died a death and was never heard of again, until now…

Old school Myspace lovers will be ecstatic to hear that the social networking site is having a re-brand and re-launching with a new sleek and kinda-sexy interface. Justin Timberlake’s taken the main stage in Myspace’s new advert, which you can watch below.

The new Myspace interface looks simliar to Microsoft Window’s mobile OS that runs on Nokia’s latest smartphone. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing as I’ve never used a Nokia smartphone because I don’t know anyone who’s got one. Maybe that means it’s a bad thing.

Will Myspace be a serious competitor to Facebook? Doubt it. Myspace lacked the easy-factor that Facebook possesses of stalking old friends and ex-partners, which is what everyone uses it for right?. To stand any chance in this highly competitive and already monopolised social network market, Myspace will need to make sure they don’t ruin their users’ experience with too many ads, and attempt to do what Facebook do, but better. The one thing Myspace may stand a chance in doing well at is one of their old fortes: band promotion.

We for one are very excited to see what Myspace has in store for its return.


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