Two long distance relationship kids decide not to cry over the telephone, or on their keyboards, and make a pretty cool tumblr page. Take notes.

The saddest graffiti artist in town

Tumblr is, without a doubt, my personal favorite of all social media sites (of course, except for WordPress & Sick Chirpse). Expressing oneself through a series of other people’s images is, I don’t know, kinda how I view the internet/social media. It’s half lazy man’s internet hunter, half the most creatively honest form “internet self expression”. It is the siphon for the strange lodged in the series of tubes. Although there are MANY tumblr sites that I follow, my recent favorite of the bunch is the fledgling Sad Stuff on the Street. As described by the site’s creators:

We are not sad people. We are two perfectly respectable people who you might like if you met us. The only possibly weird thing you can say about us is that we’ve never lived in the same time zone. Sloane lives in New York, Greg lives in San Francisco. And yet, we made the ill-advised decision to enter immediately into a long-distance relationship. This was eventually followed by a long-distance breakup.

Yeah. When I read that shit, I thought – “You cannot get much more emo & self-indulgent.”


Danielle Got the Horseshoe

But, rather than sitting in candle-lit bedrooms on separate American coasts crying into the liner notes of every Dashboard Confessional LP, these two started sending images of the discarded trash* that they deemed “Sad Stuff on the Street” [click here for the hilarious debates as to what’s considered “sad stuff on the street”]. As Greg and Sloane state: The photos of Sad Stuff on the Street were just funny. And they were everywhere. For the full – and pretty obnoxious – back story of Sad Stuff On the Street click here

I find this page hilarious. Check it.


Funeral Specials



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