My Chemical Romance Are Playing Milton Keynes Bowl On June 20th

Welcome To The Black Parade.

My Chemical Romance were undoubtedly one of the biggest bands in the world back in the mid 00s thank to the success of their notorious Black Parade album, as they became the poster boys for emo and encouraged pretty much everyone to dye their hair black and start wearing eye liner.

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When the band split up in 2012, it arguably signalled the end of mainstream emo, even though their popularity had arguably declined since its heyday back in 2007. Millions of people cut their hair and sadly trudged off into the workforce, never to paint their nails ever again and dream of the inevitable reunion tour in the future.

And that time is now, Following a successful one off show in Los Angeles last December, My Chemical Romance have slowly been announcing plans for their return all over the world with the UK finally being scheduled for June 20th at the Milton Keynes Bowl. Here’s the official announcement:

Spooky. Tickets go on sale on Friday at 9:30am. Not sure how much they’ll cost but I’m guessing probably around £70 or something. No news on the rest of the lineup yet either but you can beat that’s it going to be absolutely stacked to celebrate MCR’s return.

To be honest I expected them to headline Reading or something so the fact that they’re doing their own show in Milton Keynes – one of the biggest venues in the country by far – is absolutely nuts. Can’t wait to see all the emos back in force.

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