Murderer Avoids Trial By Jumping Off Courtroom Balcony To His Death (VIDEO)

Desperate measures.

Robert Seman Jr., 48, was supposed to face trial this week for repeatedly raping a 10-year-old girl, before setting fire to the house she lived in with her grandparents. Sadly, the girl and her grandparents died.

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Although he was set for trial this week, facing the death penalty if convicted of aggravated murder, Robert decided to cut out the middle man and jump off the Mahoning County courthouse balcony. He died on the scene:

Sheriff Jerry Greene said:

According to a couple of the attorneys and basically everybody there, it seemed like he was in pretty good spirits.

He was talking about the future of his trial, and he just decided to jump.

Robert Seman Jr

The people I feel bad for are the young girl and her grandparents, who sadly lost their lives, not to mention the suffering that the girl endured at the hands of this monster. I’m not about to celebrate his death – I don’t wish that upon anyone, even those who have committed such horrific crimes. But I’m not about to throw sympathy his way either.

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