This Murder Suspect Trying To Snatch A Cop’s Gun Is An Absolutely Unreal Situation

When you feel like you have nothing to lose.

Surveillance footage from a police interrogation room over in Cincinnati, Ohio shows 23-year-old Thomas Robinson, arrested for shooting a teenager dead, make a go for a cop’s gun while he’s changing his handcuffs.

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Luckily two other cops armed with stun guns were nearby and jumped in.

While they try to restrain him, Robinson yells “Kill me” six times.

Holy shit that was intense. What I want to know is whether Thomas Robinson planned that or whether he saw the gun within reach and just spontaneously went for it. What would he have even done if he got a hold of it? He’d have been fucked no matter what. But I guess the fact he yells “Kill me” 6 times pretty much sums up how he feels about the situation.

To watch the most incredible escape from a police arrest ever, get a load of this dude in action.


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