Murder Suspect Breaks Free From Cuffs And Escapes Interrogation Room Through The Ceiling (VIDEO)


One the guiltiest-looking moves you can pull at a police station is to break out of your handcuffs and escape through the ceiling, so on that basis this dude in Vegas must be guilty as charged.

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Murder suspect Alonzo Perez is accused of shooting a man to death because he didn’t hold the door open for a woman at McDonald’s (seriously). And they say chivalry is dead?

It was 25 minutes before police realised he was gone but they did manage to track the 25-year-old down later the same day. He was still wearing ankle chains and had stolen a truck that was parked near the prison.


Maybe keep an eye on the murder suspect next time? Much appreciated.

For a lesson on how to escape a jail cell in 30 seconds, click HERE.


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