Mum Makes Her Children Do Extra Chores During Quarantine In Exchange For Toilet Paper

Times are rough.

It’s bad enough being locked away at home during the age of coronavirus, but just imagine how much worse it would be if you also had to work for enough toilet paper to wipe your ass?

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That’s how one Utah mum is running things over in her household – deciding the kids should have a productive routine and help around the house during this extended period of quarantine. How does she get her system to work? By rationing toilet paper based on the chores her kids complete. One chore = one square of toilet paper.

One of her kids, 17-year-old Tylor Bott, shared this footage on TikTok of his mum explaining that she had taken all the toilet paper, and her children would earn squares of it for every chore they checked off.

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Well I don’t know about you but I can see this one backfiring big time. What if you badly need to take a shit but only have 2 squares of toilet paper? It’s not like you can hold it in and make your bed, wash the dishes and clean your room in record time in order to get more toilet paper and not shit yourself in your own home. What happened to giving your kids pocket money for chores? This idea has disaster written all over it!

So at least one of those kids is running away from home but maybe the rest can team up and go on a mission to find the hidden toilet paper. There’s only so many places she could have hidden it, right? Wouldn’t take too long to turn the house upside down and find those precious rolls of tp. Also the fact this is even a real world scenario right now says it all about how insane 2020 has been thus far.

For the DJ who made £3000 in 2 hours by selling toilet paper in a layby, click HERE. Who says the common man can’t profit from coronavirus?

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