Mum Does Not Approve Of Daughter’s NSFW Halloween Nun Costume (VIDEO)

Oh my.

‘Sexy nun’ isn’t exactly the most original Halloween outfit out there, but if your objective is to turn heads at Halloween parties and send your parents into meltdown in the process, it’s a go-to classic!

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18-year-old TikTok user Quelly123123 shared her costume reveal on the platform ahead of celebrations on Saturday, alongside her mother’s reaction:

So apparently mum disapproves, but the way she’s smiling and laughing, I think she actually lowkey approves of the outfit? Either that or she’s getting flashbacks of her own hoeing days and just loving the memories. You can see it all on her face! She can act like she’s shocked or say “that’s not good” all she wants, I think at least a part of her is proud of her daughter’s Halloween get-up, even with her butt cheeks pretty much on full display.

Now what I really want to know is… what does dad think? Somehow I get the feeling he’s either not around or not privy to his daughter’s Halloween outfit choices. Either way, let’s hope Quelly123123 had a good time stealing the show at the Halloween party she went to. Nun-like behaviour all night long, no doubt.

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