This Mum Makes Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Pay Rent

The little girl has to pay for rent, water, electricity, cable and food.

Being a 5-year-old is so unbelievably easy if you think about it. You get a free bed, free clothes, free food which is personally served on a plate for you like you’re in a restaurant. Let’s be real about this – 5-year-olds just generally don’t pull their weight around the house. 

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Well this lady named Essence Evans has decided to do something about it:

Honestly this seemed like an outrageous idea on the surface but after reading the way she breaks it down in her FB post, I don’t hate this move at all. Actually a pretty smart way of teaching your kids the value of money.

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Still, it’s pretty hilarious how she gives her daughter $7 pocket money and instantly just takes $5 back. “OK sweetie, here’s your allowance – $7! Now give me back $5 you sponger”. Too funny.

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