Mum And Daughter In Critical Condition After Using Ouija Board To Contact Dead Dog Killed By Father

Ouija Board

Well, that isn’t something you hear every day.

A mother and daughter are in critical condition and fighting for their lives following a mysterious fire at their house over the weekend. To make the whole incident even spookier, the mother and daughter were trying to contact their dead dog via a ouija board shortly before the fire – could the spirt of the dead dog have had something to do with the fire? It’s been a bad year for dogs already, with the world’s tallest dog recently dying too.

Neighbours said that Margaret Carroll and Katrina Livingstone, 60 and 37 respectively, repeatedly tried to contact the dog with a ouija board and one neighbour, Donna Sower said that she had spoken to Miss Livingston on Friday night after another reading. She said that Miss Livingston had said that the ouija board had told them that they were both going to die shortly. Creepy.

The following morning at around 8:45 a.m. there was a mysterious fire at the house. Mrs Carroll and Miss Livingstone were found unconscious in the back garden with injuries unrelated to the fire. They’re both still in critical condition but both have been placed under arrest and charged with attempted arson with intent to endanger life bizarrely. I’m not really sure how that works at all though or how they managed to pick up their life threatening injuries if they’re unrelated to the fire? Completely weird.

Miss Sower described the fire:

The fire was right the way through the property. It was horrible. The roof was right up. We could not see up the street because of the smoke.

There was a mini explosion and one of the firefighters was blown back.

Paul Carolll

To make the whole situation even weirder, the dog was dead because Mrs Carroll’s husband Paul (pictured above) had killed it on Christmas Eve following another session with a ouija board. He drowned her in the bath but was found out when he tried to chop the body up and flush it down the drain. Paul believed that the dog had become possessed by an evil spirit during a seance. He pleaded guilty to the crime and is due to be sentenced this week.

The whole situation really is one of the most messed up I’ve ever heard and it all seems to come back to that pesky little ouija board. It just goes to show you shouldn’t mess with things you don’t understand. Hopefully we’ll find out what the hell is going on up there (it all went down in a town called Consett in County Durham), but part of me thinks that it will never be fully explained because it’s so left field.

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