Here’s What Happened When Three Gorgeous Models Invited Muhammad Ali To Their Hotel Room

Muhammad Ali

Shut down.

Following the sad death of Muhammad Ali at the age of 74 over the weekend, everyone is dropping anecdotes about the great man and everything he achieved in his life. This might be my favourite one yet though.

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The story comes from BBC sports commentator Ronnie Nathanielsz who was over in Manila in 1975 to cover Ali’s legendary fight with Joe Fraser. Nathanielsz was asked to operate as the liaison between the Philippine government and Ali and as such was invited to a dinner held by the owner of the Coliseum Nene Araneta.

It was here that the they encountered three super hot English models, who invited Ali over to their hotel room following the meal. I’ll let Nathanielsz tell the rest of the story:

What an absolute killer. You’re a super hot model that never gets turned down by anyone and think you’re gonna get with Muhammad Ali, but instead you just get preached at about Islam for about six hours. Absolutely stellar work from the man and it only serves to make him even more of a legend. You could probably even say that he might have been one of the first ever trolls when he’s indulging in behaviour like that.

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