Weirdest Videos On The Web: Mr Blast

Mr Blast

Mr Blast is some guy who looks like he’s on bath salts circa 2009 who walks around a city being completely and utterly weird and completely fucking up everyone he meets.

This was made back in 2009 but is eerily reminiscent of what it might be like for someone doing bath salts now. It’s basically a completely and utterly weird video of some guy – who I assume is Mr Blast – wearing clothes like he’s about to go bowling walking around a town, smoking cigarettes and going completely and utterly crazy. He’s also got a weird black grill on his mouth which is also eerily reminiscent of the future too. But yeah, that’s about all I can say about it really, you’ve got to check it out to see how weird the stuff he gets up to is.

The relation to bath salts not only comes from his behaviour, but also due to the fact that it has some eerie techno soundtrack pumping all the way through it. I’ve got no idea why anyone decided to spend time making it or thought it would be good, but it’s completely and utterly weird and that’s why we’re bringing it to your attention. Enjoy.

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