Watch Mr Belding From Saved By The Bell Powerbomb Someone Through A Table

Mr Belding

Hey hey hey what’s going on here?

Dennis Haskins is obviously best known for his role as Mr Belding in the classic 90s TV show Saved By The Bell (and maybe some stuff like Saved By The Bell: The New Class, but the less said about that the better) but you probably didn’t know that he’s also a big fan of wrestling. Apparently he was once even offered a job with the WWE back in 2012 but turned it down because of the hectic travel schedule.

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As such, Haskins instead decides to pick and choose his appearances at indie wrestling events, turning up as Mr Belding for whatever reason the writers can come up with. Over the weekend he was attending a WrestlePro event in Brooklyn and ended up power bombing a guy called Buster Jackson through a table with the help of some guys called Pat Buck and Kevin Mathews, who were bizarrely wearing Bayside High wrestling strips too. Oh wrestling:

Oof. Yeah I mean I suppose Mr Belding didn’t actually really do anything there because the other two jobbers are pretty much holding the dude up for him, but it’s still funny watching Mr Belding powerbomb someone through a table. Hell, it’s really funny just typing that sentence.

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