MPs To Vote On Giving The Public A Second Brexit Referendum Tonight

Didn’t see this coming.

However you voted during the referendum three years ago, there’s absolutely no denying that the whole Brexit process has been a complete and utter shitshow and people from both sides have been known to get for another vote on the matter given everything that has happened since.

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This never actually seemed like it would happen, but an announcement has just been made that MPs will vote on giving the public a second Brexit referendum tonight. The motion was tabled by The Independent Group’s Sarah Wollaston (who would have thought they might actually be good for something?) and speaker John Bercow selected it to be voted on tonight during a debate on whether to seek a delay to Brexit.

The amendment itself says this (courtesy of The Independent):

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It orders Theresa May to seek to delay Brexit ‘for the purposes of legislating for and conducting a public vote in which the people of the United Kingdom may give their consent” for either leaving the EU on the terms of a deal agreed by Parliament or remaining in the bloc.

I mean that’s a bit of a turnaround if MPs actually go for that tonight isn’t it? No guarantee that they actually will of course and no guarantee that that public vote will actually end up happening, but at least it’s a glimmer of hope to reverse all the ridiculousness of the last two years. Or at least give it a shot, although the damage has probably already been done and if we don’t actually end up leaving things could get even dumber. Don’t hold your breath.

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