MP Jarad O’Mara’s Aide Uses His Twitter Account To Quit In Furious Rant

What a way to go.

They say that politics is a dirty business – and anyone that reads the newspaper or has ever watched House Of Cards or anything similar will know this all too well – but we really are reaching news lows with some of the shots that are being fired on the reg these days.

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I don’t know much about Sheffield Hallam’s MP Jarad O Mara, but it turns out that he beat Nick Clegg in the previous general election and is somewhat or a prick and an alcoholic – at least according to his former communications director Gareth Arnold. Arnold decided to use O Mara’s own Twitter account to quit his post, but then before he revealed what an absolute piece of shit and general mess the MP was in an angry tirade.

Get a load of this – be warned it does start quite funny and then go a bit dark towards the end though:

Not really sure what to make about that. There’s no doubting that Gareth’s tactics have made more of the issue than if he hadn’t hijacked the Twitter account and that this may force Jarad O’Mara into getting the help he needs and cleaning his life up, whilst also shining a much needed (?) light on the pressures of politics, but I also can’t help but think it was kind of malicious considering how it really sounds like O’Mara was struggling.

He did say he felt there were not other options though. I guess sometimes something like this is the kick in the face that you need to pull your slacks up and sort your life out and also start representing the constituents that elected you in the first place or at least have the decency to step aside a let someone do that who can.

I suppose we’ll see that in the coming weeks – O’Mara has said he needs to get t the bottom of it and Arnold has stated that he’ll be doing a bunch of interviews about his experiences in the next few days, but after that the future is unwritten. Stay tuned.

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