VIDEO: Guys Ride Motorised Surfboards Around The Streets Of New York City

Surfing the NYC Streets

A lot of crazy shit happens in New York City but I don’t think I’ve ever seen two guys riding surfboards around the city streets before.

Surfing the NYC Streets

Props to Kyla Fasanella for the tip on this one. I don’t know why this happened but it looks pretty cool and is definitely a decent variation on a skate video. Two dudes rocked into New York City in their wetsuits with their motorised surfboards and proceeded to surf all the way down to Battery Park. I’m not really sure how a motorised surfboard works but I assume it has some kind of engine that the pad in the surfers hands is being used to control it? Anybody know?

I guess it doesn’t really matter because the video is still dope as you see these two dudes twists and turn around the New York City streets, annoying a couple of commuters but mostly just enthralling everyone who sees them. As they make their way down to Battery Park they take in a few of the sites of New York City as well as high fiving a bunch of pedestrians and picking up a hot dog from a street vendor. At the end when they make it to the water you kinda think they’re gonna jump in with their surfboards, which would make a lot of sense, but they don’t and it’s kinda disappointing, but everything else about the video is totally fun and cool. There isn’t really that much else to say about the video so just kick back and enjoy it and remember they’re not gonna jump into the water at the end so you don’t get too bummed out when they don’t:

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