Watch A Motorcyclist Smash Into A Car And Rip His Girlfriend’s Foot Clean Off (VIDEO)

Motorbike Smashes Into Car


What is it with motorcyclists that make them think they can disobey the rules of the road and get away with whatever they want?

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Sure, not all of them are like that but you watch videos like this and you realise that a lot of them are. In it, a bunch of bikers are driving around doing wheelies and fucking around without a care in the world. Things soon get cranked up to 11 though when one of them runs a red light and hits an oncoming car, causing both the rider and the girl riding behind him to be smashed into the pavement.

The damage was much worse for the girl though, as her foot was ripped clean off in the collision. I wouldn’t advise watching past 1:30 in this videos as there are a few close ups that totally made me wince:

Fuck. Not sure it really needed so many slow motion replays, but I suppose it makes it all the more brutal and shocking. Probably help him up the play count there too.

In case you’re wondering, the girl’s foot did actually turn out to be OK. Apparently no bone was snapped during the crash and it was just her ligaments and tendons that were torn. It’s still going to be 6-12 months before she can walk again though and even then she’s never gonna walk the same as she did before. Just don’t be a dickhead and run red lights basically.

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