This Motorcyclist Has One Of The Most Dramatic Escapes From The Cops Ever

Cops Motorcyclist


Everyone has seen movies or TV shows where the protagonist ends up being chased by the cops and using all their wits and quick thinking to get away from them. We’ve all probably secretly wished that we could get involved in such a situation as well. For some of us though, this is already a reality.

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Introducing some crazy guy on a motorbike. Instead of using his wits, he speeds off when a cop tries to grab him off the back of his bike and decides to pull a wheelie once he’s managed to break free from his grasp. Unfortunately for him though, he overcooks it and ends up bailing in the middle of the road.

He doesn’t let his injuries or wounded pride lead to him getting nicked though, and instead immediately gets up and starts sprinting to his biker posse before one of them gives him a backie. It’s a close one:

Phew. That was dramatic. Not sure how he manages to get up and leg it after slamming on the concrete so hard, but I suppose in situations like that the adrenaline gets you.

Good on him though for managing to outrun the cops. For more of the same here’s the cockiest, most outrageous police chase of all time.


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