Dude On Motorbike Almost Hits Old Lady, Tries To Shame Her Online, It Backfires Spectacularly

Who’s in the wrong in this situation?

The motorbike rider who uploaded this footage had high hopes for a viral video, and to be fair he’s got it – though not in the way he would have liked.

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He explains under the video:

Just cruising along until this old lady almost turns right in front of me…. I locked up my brakes and stalled out of anger haha thought I’d chase her down and make sure she pays better attention next time.

Most people who watched the video however are of the opinion that the grandma did nothing wrong, and it’s in fact the motorbike driver who is a massive bell-end for berating the old dear.

See what you think:

Not only was this idiot initially in the wrong, the fact he gets so angry in the face of an old lady who is just trying to handle the situation calmly is infuriating.

Here’s what the YouTube comment section thinks:


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#TeamOldLady all the way.

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