A Mother Has Decided To Name Her Baby ‘Baby’


Just when you thought life couldn’t get any dumber.

There are some pretty dumb baby names out there – come on I’m sure that you can think of one off the top of your head – but I think we’ve reached peak ridiculousness when someone has revealed that they’ve actually decided to name their baby ‘baby’ despite all he other perfectly good names out there.

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The announcement comes courtesy of a 25 year old single mother over in Australia named Susie Bradley, who is just about to compete on the game show Married At First Sight. She revealed that she decided along with her former partner to name their baby ‘baby’ because it’s been a name that she’s always loved:

When I was in high school, I used to write a list of names I liked for my children and that was always on my list.

Then when it came to naming our daughter, we just weren’t set on anything so one day I jokingly said to my partner at the time, “we should just call her Baby,” and he agreed.

On her Medicare card it has her name, Baby, but then it has a full stop after it which signifies she’s not a baby, her name just is actually Baby.

Glad they managed ate get that figured out. Can you imagine how ripped this girl is going to get throughout her whole entire life with that name though? Just think of everyone calling her a baby in high school all the time. Really does strike me how cruel and dumb parents can be naming their kids and coming up with stupid ideas like that.

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