People Reveal The Most Outrageous Reasons They’ve Ever Had To Stop Mid-Sex

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Absolutely mortifying.

Sex can be a relatively embarrassing act if not done properly. The problem with it is that you have to stay “in the moment” to continue the illusion that you’re not just two animals trying to rub your genitals together.

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But sometimes, something just smashes down to ruin your sexy time in the most mortifying way possible. After that, trying to get back into it is out of the question. If this has happened to you, don’t worry – you’re not alone. The wonderful Reddit community decided to provide their embarrassing stories to answer the question: “What happened to make you stop having sex halfway through?” Here goes:


We spotted blood, it turned out to be a small split in my frenulum (the string of skin that anchors the foreskin to the head.) My dick was bleeding, it was owie.


In the middle of it she blurted out her father / grandfather are schizophrenic and sexually assaulting her for years when she was little.

Full. Stop.


She farted while I was inside her, she was mortified but I thought it was hilarious and started laughing uncontrollably, but she didn’t pull away until I farted really loud while laughing.


This happened to me a few months ago. Was going down on my girlfriend and after a few moments something tasted off. I pull my face away from her and think that I taste blood. Worst suspicion is that I have accidentally earned my Red Wings. Nope. I had gotten a nosebleed while going down on her. When she realized this she looked me dead in the eyes and said, “You fucking weeaboo.” We could not stop laughing.


It was a normal night of fucking for me and my fwb at the time. She was riding me and suddenly just this massive string of queefs just explodes from her. I’m holding back laughter as I type this but it was absurdly loud and long. She kinda just stopped moving and sighed really loudly and hopped off. I personally thought it was hilarious.


My dog licked her asshole while she was riding cowgirl.


Roomate and I have the rooms on the top floor, literally just a staircase up to a landing with my door on the right his on the left.

We were both doing it with our respective girlfriends, it was funny enough that both parties could CLEARLY hear the other, when our 3rd roommate, drunk off his ass, comes home and storms up the stairs yelling that he wants to hangout.

He reached the top step while yelling our names, then suddenly went completely silent, probably because he clued in to the sex noises coming from both rooms.

Since he was drunk, he decides the right action at this point is to sit down on the landing, pout, and start playing porn off his phone at max volume.

We tried to keep going, but after a minute I was cracking up so hard I had to stop. I got up, but a bathrobe on and whipped open my door….. Right as my other roommate did the same thing. We both looked at each other, looked at roomie #3 who had at this point literally fallen asleep leaning on the wall with his phone in hand still playing porn, and just burst out laughing. We both walked him down to his bedroom and put him to bed before going back upstairs, but needless to say the mood was ruined at that point.

All had a great laugh about it the next morning, drunk roommate had 0 recollection of the whole thing and was totally mortified when we told him what he did.

Madness. I loved the double fart story from Dafuzz. Can’t beat a bit of toilet humour sometimes.

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