The 30 Most Offensive Adverts Of All Time

A collection of 30 of the most offensively racist, sexist and irresponsible adverts that would certainly be banned today.

No chance of any of these adverts being commissioned nowadays, but back when these promotional posters were initially released it was all fine and dandy to be sexist, racist and downright irresponsible when pushing a product.

Here are 33 of the most offensive adverts we could find:

spank wife advert

7up advert baby

doctors smoke camels advert

chlorinol offensive advert

cocaine tooth ache drops

cola advert offensive

colored kids racist advert

doormat advert offensive

drummond offensive ad

gilette baby advert

kenwood chef sexist advert

malboro old advert

mini automatic sexist ad

offensive babies advert

offensive car commercial

old gold sexist advert

racist advert van heusen

sega play advert

sexist advert ever

sexist advert

sexist christmas vacuum ad

sexist jade east after shave

smoking santa advert

super sexist advert

van heusen sexist ad

volkswagen sexist

weird offensive advert

wife advert offensive

woman advert offensive

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