The Most Modified Man In The World Has Cut Off His Finger To More Closely Resemble The Devil



Another day, another person who has spent thousands of pounds on modifying their appearance so that they can more closely resemble a freak.

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Marcelo “B-Boy” De Souza Ribeiro reckons that he’s the most modified man in the world after spending £29,000 on a whole bunch of body modifications, including fanged metal teeth, skin implants and a split tongue. Now for his latest transformation, after recently splitting one hand in half, he’s decided to cut off his index finger so that his hand more closely resembles the claw of an alien devil.

Here’s what he had to say about the idea:

I’m making a new modification that doesn’t exist in the world yet.

I was already researching body modifications in the world and from what I saw, no one has yet made a similar one.

After how I made my hand recently, I found it interesting to do the other one in a different format, which I expect to resemble an alien hand.

[I got] the inspiration after looking at an image of the hand and I wanted to finish mine perfectly so that it looks natural, as if I was born with it in this format.

The process was quick and smooth, with the pain only a six out of ten, but the first five days were very sore.

I’m getting used to it and can move my hand normally.

I’m managing to do everything as usual, such as writing, tattooing and playing the violin.

People have already seen my hand and thought it was interesting, but have said they don’t have the courage to do it.

I’m happy with what I’ve done and my family won’t stop me because they know I work on my body and look.

Good for him I guess? The guy doesn’t seem to be harming anyone but himself and he seems unbelievably stoked about looking like such a fruit loop and cutting of his finger to make a claw, so I suppose we should just let him get on with it if that’s what he wants to spend his money and judge him for being a freak from afar. Seems like he’s enjoying himself and having a great time. Just clearly seems like a very strange way for him to spend his time.

For more of the same, check out this guy who spent a bunch of money getting some tusks put in his mouth alongside his teeth. Whatever turns you on like I said.



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