Apparently This Is The Most Humane Way To Kill A Cow For Beef – But It’s Absolutely Horrific

Shooting Cows

This might make you rethink that steak dinner you’ve got planned tonight.

I know most people racing this probably aren’t vegetarian and probably eat meat on the regular, and I’m part of that demographic too, but this video made me seriously consider what the hell I was doing because it’s seriously messed up.

It basically follows some New Zealand farmer as he shoots his cows in the head and then opens them up to let them bleed out. The worst thing about this though is that this is actually the most humane way to obtain beef from a cow, and chances are that the beef you got from your steak and cheese Subway or double cheeseburger definitely came from a place way worse than this. How does that make you feel?

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Messed up right? If you need any more reasons to try and go vegetarian after seeing that, then here’s a list of them too. Although do you really need any more convincing?


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