Moronic Anti-Immigration Group Mistakes Bus Seats For Women In Burkas


Good one.

It’s pretty obvious that racists don’t have much brain power between them, but even by their low standards this latest incident is unbelievably dumb.

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Over in Norway, an anti-immigration group managed to confuse a load of empty bus seats for women in burkas.


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The photo was posted to the ‘Fatherland First’ Facebook group and many users fell for it, thinking that the image was ‘real’. Some even went as far as to describing it as the ‘Islamification’ of the country, while others said it was ‘scary’. Oh yeah, those empty bus seats are coming right for us while “taking our jeeeerbs”:

One idiot even wrote:

Get them out the country, they look like collapsed umbrellas. Frightening times we’re living in.

Well they’re not wrong about the “frightening times we’re living in” bit. It’s frightening that people this dense even exist.

Sindre Fossum Beyey, a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party and one of the people who shared the post, said: 

What happens when a photo of some empty bus seats is posted to a disgusting Facebook group and nearly everyone thinks they see a bunch of burkas?

The hatred that was displayed toward some empty bus seats really shows how much prejudices trump wisdom.

That’s why I shared the post so that more people can see what is happening in the dark corners of the web.

As said, if anything it just goes to show how thick racists actually are. That picture is clearly just empty bus seats. I guess fascists truly do see the world through different eyes.

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