Watch Thieves On Moped Snatch Mobile Phones From Two Pedestrians In A Matter Of Seconds

I don’t know if I’m more outraged or impressed.

This is from CCTV captured in Farringdon, London this week, showing a pair of thieves on a moped successfully swiping two mobile phones from two separate pedestrians in a matter of seconds.

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The male and female victims are pretty much stunned stupid by the whole thing, looking on helplessly as the thieves make a casual getaway:

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The footage was shared online by Eoin Clarke, director of CCTV Camera Europe, as a heads up to the rest of us.

Obviously a scummy thing to do but at the same time, there’s some balls and skill involved there. What a rush for both of them. Two phones within a few feet of each other and then just speed off into the night like the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Oppositely, get a load of what happens when you’re definitely not cut out for the crime life.


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