Rampaging Monkeys Kill 250 Dogs In India In Revenge Massacre After The Pups Killed One Of Their Babies

Nature is metal.

Wild story out of India today that involves a pack of monkeys massacring hundreds of dogs in a small village, as revenge for the canines murdering one of their own.

As per the NY Post, around 250 dogs were dragged to the tops of buildings and trees and dropped by a gang of raging primates that are apparently furious with the pups after they killed one of their babies.

Locals in Maharashtra’s Beed district, about 300 miles east of Mumbai, told News 18 the monkeys have been on a quest for revenge and in the nearby Lavool village, not a single dog has survived the purge.

The killings started about a month ago when a few dogs killed an infant monkey and since then, any time a dog is spotted in the village, the monkeys snatch them up and drag them somewhere high to drop them to their deaths.

Here’s one image that was captured of a primate carrying a pup to the edge of a building:

Locals in Lavool, which has a population of about 5,000, called the forest department for help dealing with the monkeys but when the officials came, they weren’t able to catch a single monkey. So that’s useful.

The villagers decided to take action themselves and tried to capture the monkeys, but the animals fought back and several men were left injured when trying to rescue the dogs.

Worse still, after killing nearly all of the pups in the Beed district, the monkeys are now targeting small children on their way to school.

Well, what a way to round off 2021 eh? As if the year hadn’t been crazy enough, we now have packs of monkeys roaming around India, snatching up dogs and launching them off buildings and trees to their deaths. And now they’re running out of pups to hunt (because they’ve nearly killed them all), they’ve turned their sights to grown men and children too. Absolutely bananas (sorry)!

Not sure how the locals/authorities are going to deal with the situation from here on, but it may be time to send in the tigers IMO. Although that may result in a whole new set of problems, given what happened to this Indian chap who came across a tiger in his village (NSFL). What would Harambe think?


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