Little Girl Gets Traumatised For Life Watching Monkeys Have Sex On Car Bonnet

Scarred for life.

34-year-old Lee Moran from Farnham took his family on a trip to Longleat Safari recently, and let’s just say they got more than they bargained for when two monkeys starting getting it on on the bonnet of the car.

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Not exactly the kind of thing you want your nine-year-old daughter witnessing.

Watch below:

Wow. As if the monkey’s pink dick dangling in front of her face wasn’t enough, he then goes full-on raw style and just bangs out the other monkey in full view of the whole family. Everyone has a story about when they learnt about the birds and bees, and I’m guessing this little girl won’t forget hers.

Almost as funny as drawing a monkey on your girlfriend’s butt, then feeding it a banana (NSFW).


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