This Monkey And Deer Are In A More Loving Relationship Than Most Human Couples


Relationship goals.

The video below is very special, in that it’s apparently the first ever time that a monkey has been caught on camera having sex with a deer and only the second time that two species that aren’t closely related have been recorded doing the deed (the first was a seal and a penguin apparently).

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Although the monkey doesn’t actually penetrate the deer, it’s still classified as sexual activity because he rubs his dick on the back of her and then ejaculates. The deer also appears to consent and accept it, which implies that she was OK with this happening and that they were sexually attracted to one another. She also appears to lick the ejaculate afterwards too, which again implies that she enjoyed it. Scientists also say it’s probably a good source of protein. Yum.

See what you think below:

What a horny little critter eh? Pretty quick finish but I suppose when you’re having sex with a different species you probably don’t want to get caught. Unlucky pal.

Scientists are speculating that it probably happened because the monkey was low down in social status amongst the other monkeys so found it difficult to mate with females, thus meaning he had to turn to females of a different species. Seems a little hard to believe, but what do I know?

For more cross species sex, check out this interview with a guy who has had sex with horses for most of his life. Whatever turns you on dude.


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