Moment Teacher Asks ‘Are You Serious?’ Before Being Jailed For Sex With Two Pupils



You may have heard about the maths teacher from Salford who got pregnant by one pupil while already on trial for ‘grooming’ another 15-year-old schoolboy.

Despite 30-year-old Rebecca Joynes telling the first boy ‘no-one better find out’, he immediately (and obviously) messaged his buddies on Snapchat to tell them he had ‘just had sex with Ms Joynes’, and soon enough the whole school knew about it.

Which led to the teacher being arrested on the premises of the Greater Manchester school she worked – footage of which has now found itself online. The first part of the clip shows the moment Joynes is arrested, and the second shows her buying the 15-year-old boy a £350 Gucci belt while taking him shopping:

Ms Joynes was released on bail following the arrest, told not to contact any child under 18 and suspended from her job. She completely ignored these instructions because it turns out she was already shagging another 15-year-old student from her school.

Worse still, she fell pregnant with this boy’s child after having sex with him ‘around 30 times’, which came as a shock to the lad as she had told him she couldn’t get pregnant.

Guess what happened next? She ended up having the baby! Talk about taking multiplication to the next level.

Here’s Ms Joynes with her proud dad outside court:

Joynes pictured outside Manchester Crown Court alongside her father after being charged with two counts of sexual activity with a child

The grooming techniques that Ms Joynes used on these boys were quite interesting. In October 2021 she was giving the first pupil – referred to as Boy A – additional maths lessons ahead of his GCSEs, and during one private lesson set him a challenge to guess her mobile phone number, having given him ten of the 11 digits.

They began sexting and arranged for the 15-year-old to come to her flat after school that Friday night. She picked him up in her car before collecting her dog from a doggy day care centre, dropping the pet off at her parents before taking him to the Trafford Centre. There, she bought him a £345 Gucci belt before taking him back to her flat where they had sex twice. What a day out for that young lad!

As for Boy B, he apparently followed her on Snapchat where she sent him a photo of her bum. They began sexting and she invited him round to hers. In the following months they had sex ‘numerous times at different places’ on an estimated 30 occasions, the boy said. She also bought a scratchcard from Victoria’s Secret featuring sexual fantasies for them to act out.

But after setting up a ‘date night’ and strewing her flat with rose petals, the boy said she handed him a baby grow marked ‘Best Dad’ and told him she was pregnant. What the f*ck!

Joynes claimed she ‘caved into the attention’ given to her by the boys

There’s always a discussion that comes up with stories like this around whether a female teacher grooming and having sex with a male pupil is any different than a male teacher grooming and having sex with a female pupil. I guess Boy A gave his perspective on it during his interview with police, where he told them ‘anyone in my position would have sex with a good-looking maths teacher.’

The maddest part about it though is that Ms Joynes ended up having her pupil’s baby, after tricking him into having sex without protection because she lied to him that she couldn’t get pregnant. How mental is that? Just an unreal trail of braindead, unrepentant behaviour from start to finish. Is this lad going to end up having to pay child support or what?

In the end, the teacher was convicted of six counts of sexual activity with children and sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison. She was also given a restraining order and has to sign the sex offenders register for life.

For the teacher who got 30 YEARS in prison after having sex with several of her students, click HERE.



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