Best New Tumblr Find: Models Who Just Farted

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Nobody really likes models because they look way better than us. So looking at pictures of them when they look like they just farted and look really awkward makes everyone feel way better about themselves.

Another day, another best new tumblr find. This one, like all of them, is pretty great. This time it’s because – like all the rest – it completely gives the game away with its name and is just pictures of models who looks like they’ve just farted. It’s pretty great because nobody really likes models and there’s not really a time when you can look more awkward than when you’ve just farted, so it’s perfect for everyone else who isn’t a model to laugh at these beautiful people who are looking really awkward and tetchy when they normally just look really sexy and great. So it’s pretty much perfect for 99% of the population.

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The thing is though most of the models they feature on the blog look great EVEN THOUGH they have just farted and there isn’t really anything you or anyone else can do about that. Occasionally you do get one that looks really awkward though and I tried to pick images of these for the ones I included on this page rather than the ones were the models just look really good and are just kinda smiling cheekily and cutely rather than looking really awkward. If that was what you wanted to see you can head on over to Models Who Just Farted, but I thought on Sick Chirpse people might be more interested in the pictures of the models looking stupid. Their tumblr is updated daily so there’s a lot of content in there if you’re interested. Or if you’re just horny and want to check out some pictures of models then most of them are well worth your time.

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