Model Gets Her Boobs Aggressively Groped By Toddler; Absolutely Loves It

Should this video be removed from the Internet?

Toronto-based model Tillie Medland shared a video onto Instagram that seems to have caused a bit of controversy.

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It features a toddler in nappies going absolutely beast mode on Tillie’s boobs. I mean the kid’s not messing about at all:

Some might say the kid totally knew what he was doing there, and some might say Tillie kinda enjoyed it? Others like Instagram user “steenamareen” don’t see the funny side:

You need serious help to allow something like this to happen. I am so disturbed. This chick and the kids parents need to be locked up.

It transpires the kid is her nephew so I guess things just hit a new level of depravity for “steenamareen”.

Good on that little dude, that’s what we say. Not to mention that this video has been great for Tillie’s career; her Instagram followers have increased massively ever since. Besides I’m sure the kid’s parents will make sure he doesn’t make a habit of it (not without consent anyway).

P.S. That being said, let’s hope the little man never runs into Lindsey Pelas.


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