GTA V Modders Are Transforming Los Santos Into London

GTA London 1

Project London.

GTA is – and probably always will be – the most iconic game of all time, so it’s no surprise that people are always working on it to make even bigger and better versions of it. They just can’t get enough of it.

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Since its first incarnation, we’ve seen a London version in the bird’s eye view version but that unfortunately hasn’t made the jump over to the 3D landscape yet. That might be about to change though with the news that a group of modders are currently working on turning GTA V into ‘Project London’.

A coder named Kieran Merrilees told PC Gamer the following:

GTA London 1

I got a message the other day from some guy asking if the roads could be done-if the cars could be swapped to the opposite side in the style of British road networks. I sat down and calculated the work for that. I’m looking at 210 hours just for the roads.

Being part of various [modding] communities has made me realise that I’ve got an opportunity to do something.

And that’s where Project London started. Compared to other games, GTA is easier to mod, it’s easy to get the files that you need in order to do work, and there are a lot of people who’re able to offer advice and help out. That fact alone spurs you on to do more.

To be honest it was becoming aware of the modding communities that support Grand Theft Auto V that encouraged me to start doing the work I’m doing.

Between [the three of us] we’re trying to push forward and see what we can do, and achieve as much as we can achieve.

GTA London 2

Fantastic news. If you’re wondering who the three of us was referring to, Kieran is taking on the project with fellow modders Raddz Modding and Albo1125. They’ve already sorted out Wembley stadium, a few hospitals, underground stations and emergency vehicles but there’s still a hell of a long way to go.

Given the fact that Kieran has a day job as a financial advisor at Lloyds Bank, we could even see the next GTA game before it’s finished. Still, something to look forward to I suppose.

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