A Mob Of 100 Muslim Parents Have Gathered Outside A School To Protest Against A Gay Teacher


Classic Britain.

It seems like everyone is protesting against or for Brexit in this country these days – or at least something to do with it – but in the part of Birmingham known as Alum Rock a whole bunch of parents have found something else to be outraged about thanks to teacher Andrew Moffat.

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Moffat is a homosexual teacher who has been awarded the MBE for his services to education, yet parents in the area are protesting against the fact that he’s been promoting a project since 2014 called No Outsiders, which teaches children about LGBTQ equality and challenges homophobia in schools. Parents say that they have no issue with the respectful treatment of all subsections of society, but they’re objecting to the fact that the class is being taught to children in primary school – they’re worried that Moffat is ‘promoting… personal beliefs and convictions about universal acceptability of homosexuality as being normal and morally correct.’ and installing them in children at an impressionable age.

Not sure why that’s a problem, but I’m guessing that religion might affect it somehow.  A mob of 100 people in the predominantly Muslim area gathered outside Parkfield Community School to protest against the class and Moffat also revealed that he had been receiving a string of abusive messages in the past couple of weeks:

Protest outside Parkfield School

Posted by Alum Rock Community Forum on Thursday, 7 February 2019

I’ve had some nasty emails, I’ve had some comments on messenger.

I have felt very threatened… it’s been a challenging couple of weeks.

However, what keeps me going is the support from the school which is absolutely brilliant, the DfE, Ofsted, the city council.

There are lots of people recognising that this work is important and that’s what you have to hold on to.

The school has no plans to scrap the programme despite the protests which is pretty swell and to be honest I don’t blame them. It’s ridiculous that these antiquated parents are protesting against progressive ideals – kids should be taught about LGBTQ issues at an early age to normalise the conversation and not make it such a taboo subject. They’re not going away and the sooner we learn to accept and love them, the better. The people in Alum Rock are acting ridiculously.

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