Dumb American News Anchor Doesn’t Know Who Mo Farah Is

Mo Farah New Orleans

I thought everyone in the world knew who Mo Farah was after the 2012 Olympics, but it turns out this dumbass American news anchor doesn’t as she asks him questions like ‘so this isn’t your first time running, is it?’

Mo Farah New Orleans

Ok this is really dumb. Basically Mo Farah ran some half marathon in New Orleans I guess today or yesterday and won it. What a killer. I guess it’s a shame that it didn’t really get any press coverage over here but I guess now that the Olympics are over the vast majority of the population doesn’t really care about what else any of those athletes are doing. Anyway, Mo Farah got interviewed on local New Orleans news by some dumb news anchor called LaTonya Norton who had no idea who he was, despite the fact he had obviously won two gold medals at the Olympics last summer.

Despite the fact he won the race in a record time of one hour 59 minutes (or is it 61 minutes? That’s what the anchor says but she gets everything else wrong so I’m not sure if I trust her, and it says on the Guardian website that it’s one hour 59, so yeah not sure who to trust?), he’s referred to as ‘Marathon Winner’ in a lot of the interview. He’s also mistaken by LaTonya as an amateur, as she embarks on a somewhat awkward line of questioning including the classic line ‘so you’ve run before huh, this isn’t your first time?’ which pops up amid several other of the most generic questions you could ever ask to the winner of a marathon.

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I mean obviously he’s run before, he’s fucking Mo Farah everyone knows all he does is run long distances and do the Mobot and be a general geezer. Being the safe dude that he is Mo only looks a bit surprised that someone is asking him this question and then conducts the interview with some semblance of grace despite the barrage of pretty dumb and unimaginative questions being fed to him. The whole thing is pretty jokes though as it’s all real awkward because it’s clear that this LaTonya bitch hasn’t really got a clue and is pretty much treating him like some loser who’s just flukily won his first ever race or something, and not a two time Olympic gold medalist.

Now, it would be very easy to bash this LaTonya woman for not knowing who he is because he’s like a worldwide superstar over here thanks to the Olympics and yeah sure, the Olympics are shown in every country and are a worldwide event but I doubt that people in other countries – especially America – bother to watch events where someone from their country has n’t really got a chance of winning. I did watch Mo Farrah’s races and I don’t know where all the other competitors were from but they all seemed like skinny black guys from Africa (yeah call me a racist or something, please), so it’s a safe bet that not that much of America would actually know who Mo Farrah was and he isn’t exactly a household name over there.

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In fact some American dude did come second in the 10,000m but his name is Gallen Rupp and I have never heard of him, so I’m sure that’s the kind of esteem that Mo Farah is held in over there. The same goes in the 5000m and the Americans in that race didn’t even make it into the top three, so yeah, I can believe that not everyone in America would know who Mo Farah is. HOWEVER, the fact that this woman LaTonya Norton is a news anchor and works for what I assume is a fairly big time local news agency should surely mean the she (or at least someone who works at the TV station) should have done some research into Mo Farah so as to avoid her looking as stupid as she did in this interview, and so that pretty much the whole internet wouldn’t be calling her a complete and utter dumbass right now.

Still everyone makes mistakes I guess. It’s just so much better when they happen to Americans. Check out the awkward interview below:

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