MMA Fighter Scores A Rare Submission With The Legendary Boston Crab Move

Boston Crab

You don’t see that every day.

One of the main criticisms that is always hurled at professional wrestling is that it’s fake and doesn’t actually hurt, and whilst there’s some degree of truth in that it’s fairly clear that some of the moves are going to have an impact on you.

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This can now be thoroughly proven by the fact that MMA fighter Jonno Mears somehow managed to make his opponent Aaron Jones submit to a Boston Crab during their recent fight at Full Contact Contender 19 in Bolton, England over the weekend. In case you’re unfamiliar, the Boston Crab is a move that many use in professional wrestling to score a submission victory – most notably Chris Jericho – and it looks like it really does work:

Jokes – love the way the commentator calls it ‘The Bolton Crab’ as well, that’s some real quick thinking.

In all honesty though I never really thought the Boston Crab looked like it was going to be that painful whenever Chris Jericho busted it out – normally because most wrestlers managed to make it to the ropes and get out of it – but it looks like it really can cause some damage. Who knew?

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