MMA Fighter Penalised For Shoving His Big Toe Up His Opponent’s Butt Hole (VIDEO)

Highly illegal.

Bellator 223 took place in London last month, with one of the standout bouts featuring UK-based Brazilian Jorge Kanella taking on London’s Alfie Davis.

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The two went toe to toe, but one toe in particular brought a temporary half to proceedings when a frustrated Kanella penetrated Davis’s butt hole with his big toe using a low front kick.

Brutal stuff:

Who knew you could get points deducted for that? Fair play to Davis for even carrying on after that; getting a big toe shoved up your butt would probably be enough for most people to throw in the towel and call it a day. I think Kanella even gave the toe an extra wiggle at the end for good measure? Must have been such a humbling experience.

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