Watch This MMA Fighter Get KO’ed Three Times Before The Fight Is Stopped

Johnny Walker V Henrique Lopes

Third time lucky.

It’s always fun checking out minor league MMA matches because you get to check out some of the most violent and sloppy fighting that would never be allowed in the big leagues. This time, the fight is a bit of a joke but it’s the referee who has the biggest mare by allowing it to continue.

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We’re over in Brazil at Jungle Fight 88 (nice name) and Henrique Lopes is taking on a guy who is actually called Johnny Walker apparently. The fight has barely begun when Lopes sparks Walker down to the canvas and then follows it up with some undefended shots to the face. Amazingly the referee allows the fight to continue and Walker somehow manages to get to his feet before Lopes lays him out again.

Even then when Lopes gets in another couple undefended shots the referee is slow to stop the fight, when it really should have been ended the first time he goes down. There’s probably at least four times you can argue that the kid got knocked out here before the fight finished. Laughable.

Jungle Fight 88 probably summed up in a nutshell. You’ve got to admire Walker for constantly trying to get to his feet – even after the fight stops he’s getting up – but sometimes you should probably just stay down and avoid getting an absolute ass whooping that could have serious repercussions.

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