MMA Fighter Given 13 Months Sentence For Brutally Battering His Girlfriend


Justice was not served.

A martial arts fighter and trainer was given just 13 months in prison for beating up his girlfriend, despite leaving her with black eyes, knocked out teeth and broken ribs.

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21-year-old Dominic McCluskey and Brogan Sloan, also 21, had been for a night out before they returned home to go to sleep. However, as the night passed and Brogan slept, McCluskey looked through her phone and found some old messages, presumably from other men.


McCluskey then proceeded to launch a brutal attack on Sloan, kicking and dragging her across the bedroom. She said:

I thought I was going to die, I didn’t think I was going to get out of there alive.

All I could see and taste was blood. I had a missing tooth and I could hardly breath. Dominic knew exactly what he was doing as he was a K1 fighter.

Prosecutor Neil Jones told the court:

She put her phone under the pillow before she went to sleep and she woke up to find she was being attacked in a sustained manner.

It was a sustained assault lasting around one hour. He threw her to the bed, breaking her pyjamas. She felt her tooth was missing and there was blood all over her face.


She has suffered from insomnia since the attack and she was nervous that her son would be scared of her because she looked completely different due to the swelling on her face.

She could not care for her son until seven days after the attack. He also damaged Miss Sloan’s property whilst she was unconscious and also damaged a tablet at the police station whilst he was resisting arrest.

Despite the evidence and the psychological damage caused, McCluskey only received 13 months, as defender Stephen Duffy said that it was “out of character.”

Out of character my arse. Doesn’t matter if he hasn’t beaten on a woman before or not – no amount of booze or mitigating circumstances excuse a man, particularly a trained fighter, laying into his girlfriend in such a savage way. 13 months is hardly any time and no doubt he’ll do something similar in the future. They should keep him locked up for longer – we don’t want another Oscar Pistorius on our hands.


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