Watch This MMA Fighter Get Knocked Into Another Dimension With The Most Brutal Front Kick

Brutal FrontkickBrutal Frontkick

Lights out.

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned kick on the bottom of the jaw to knock someone the fuck out, and this one is the perfect example of such a shot.

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Coming at you from XFC over in Brazil, the fight was between Luis “Sapo” Santos and Alfredo “Tsunami” Morales. The pair were fairly evenly matched heading into the third round of the contest, but then Santos spotted a gap in Morales’ guard and after one lightning fast kick that landed right on Morales’ chin, the game was over:

Bang. You don’t get much sweeter than that do you? The kick was literally the perfect connection and extension right on Morales’ chin – it’s not surprising that he was KOed, am I right? It was a completely and utterly devastating blow.

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