Someone Planted Mistletoe On The London Underground And Everyone Looked Really Uncomfortable

London is doomed.

Someone has tried to bring some Christmas joy to the London underground and not surprisingly failed miserably.

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An anonymous group called MistleTube hung bits of mistletoe on the Northern and Victoria lines in a desperate attempt to prompt some well needed social interaction and maybe, just maybe, a bit of eye contact.

A statement on the website said:

We wanted to bring some Christmas cheer to one of the most miserable places in the capital so we put love on the line and created the #mistletube. Merry Christmas, London!

While the move did get commuters tweeting images of people under the mistletoe, in a typical British outcome none of the pictures actually show anyone smiling, let alone kissing. Makes for pretty funny viewing though.





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So there you have it. Even Christmas merriness can’t budge the deep seated depression that lurks within the hearts of London commuters. Still at least there’s all that booze to look forward to.


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