Missing Pig Who Left In Search Of A Boyfriend Found In Nearby Pub After 5 Days


It’s tough being single.

A horny female pig who left her farm to go on the hunt for a boyfriend has been found at a local pub after five days on the run.

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The sow, named Mis Piggy, was desperate to find a significant other, but sadly she didn’t find her true love and so decided to give up and find refuge in a local boozer.


Her farmer, Dave Avery, was absolutely beside himself while his prize pig was missing. But he was reunited with his animal when she was found by a local near the farm in Mapledurham. What a relief that must’ve been.

Apparently she had been in search of food scraps – we’re all guilty overeating when we’re heartbroken. Avery said:

I guess you could say Miss Piggy is well and truly free-range after her excursion which ended up down the pub.


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Now he’s found Miss Piggy again, Avery says he still plans on selling her. Oh – suddenly this story doesn’t sound so heartwarming after all. Turns out he was only distraught because she’s worth £200 and you know, man’s got to eat. Hopefully Miss Piggy gets bought by an owner with a nice male pig so she can finally get that boyfriend she’s so desperately after.

If that doesn’t happen, maybe she should move to Australia and fall in love with a kangaroo instead. It works for some pigs.


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