My Favourite Misogynistic Album Covers

Misogynistic Album Covers - Two Live Crew - Crop

I’m no sexist, but the blatant misogyny in these mental album covers just has to be enjoyed. So swallow a box of salt and switch your moral compass to hibernate

Just to get it clear from the start: I’m not misogynistic. Like most thoughtful people in modern society, I believe in equality. Just so you know, OK? In fact, I am so down with equality and equal rights that I let ladies hold doors open for themselves. I’m a pretty forward thinking kind of a guy you see.

But the other day at work one of my esteemed colleagues showed me the album cover below. Oh how we laughed and laughed. But we were only laughing because it’s mental, and not because we agree with the message, whatever that is? I particularly love the fact that the poor, humiliated model was so embarrassed about the depths she had sunk to, that she asked to have her face blurred out. I don’t feel sorry for her though, my job is way more humiliating than that:

Misogynistic Album Covers - Slam Dunk That Ho

And so began a blotto waltz through hilarious album covers. Next is the cover of Love Grenade (what an excellent song title) by the “artist” Ted Nugent. I hadn’t heard the track, I wish I’d left it that way, I can’t unlisten to it now. If you’re down with your cock rock you might enjoy it. I wouldn’t bother personally. So this is the original cover:

Ted Nugent - Love Grenade

And if the cartoony drawing doesn’t quite do it for you, here’s the ‘limited edition’ photo artwork. Incredible:

Ted Nugent - Love Grenade - Limited Edition

Here’s another of good old Teddy Boy’s classics, yep, it says “if you can’t lick em, lick ’em. What poignant prose:

Ted Nugent - If You Can't Lick Em Lick Em

Ludacris, or Christopher Bridges to his Mom, rocked out this little doozy in 2003 for his album entitled Chicken-n-Beer. I guess this was before he had some proper marketing guys working for him. I mean… how would you even come up with that? Putting salt on a girls leg whilst in a KFC? I don’t know but I’ll tell you something for sure – when they were bouncing ideas around for the artwork, some of them guys must have been pretty high because it’s a turd idea. I’m sorry, it just is. I wonder what his mother thought?:

Misogynistic Album Covers - Chicken-n-beer - Ludacris

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