Mischa Barton Has Posted A Topless Photo On Instagram

Mischa Barton

Be still my teenage heart.

For many, Mischa Barton still epitomises our teenage crushes from her time spent playing the alluring Marissa from The O.C. Come on, you know what I’m talking about.

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Unfortunately Mischa’s career has seemingly nosedived since those heady days, but at least we still have social media so we can see what she’s up to these days. And the good news is that she’s looking great again and sharing her holiday snaps of her in Mykonos, Greece with us including a couple of sexy ones where she’s topless smoking on a balcony and hanging out in bed with literally just a shit on.

Go on Mischa:

MIscha Barton Topless 2

Mischa Barton topless 1

Yep, she has still got it, now she’s 30 and seemingly sorted out all her personal issues. That picture of her smoking a cigarette is super hot.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Mischa Barton since The O.C. finished though. Remember when she looked absolutely terrible a few years ago due to her weight gain and drug and alcohol issues? Glad she’s sorted herself out and beaten her problems, she looks a lot happier now.


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