This ‘Millionaire’ Got Kicked Off His Flight After Boasting About His IQ And How Rich He Is

‘I’m 28 and I make $4 million a year, what do you do?’

Californian real estate ‘millionaire’ David Brackett just made a royal tit of himself by drunkenly bragging about his IQ and riches on a JetBlue flight this week, before it took off.

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Here’s how that turned out for him — via fellow passenger Sara Walter Bear who uploaded the video to Facebook:

Here’s Hoping this goes viral…will you help? So this 176 IQ having six house owning 4 mil a year flying on jet blue DB. (And his friends) parents can feel really proud. His name is David Brackett.

Thanks for having our flight turn around and go back to the gate. That is me calling him Jay-Z and saying “bye Felicia” as he’s threatening to sue me while being dragged off.


Well, he might have an IQ of 176 (doubt it) but he’s obviously not smart enough to know when to keep his mouth shut. Also kind of weird he’s flying JetBlue economy class when he could clearly afford a private jet to take him where he needs to be.

As bad as he is though, this lady might just be worse. I actually didn’t mind him telling her to “eat shit and die”:


All in all though, I’m glad this muppet got booted off the plane. Last thing we need is someone like him to add to our run-down of the most annoying airline passengers.


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